Fanci-Full Rinse

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 21 reviews

Switch up your look instantly with Roux Fanci-Full Rinse! Perfect for refreshing faded hair color, color correction and toning. Color is instantaneous and non-damaging. Added styling lotion allows for coloring and styling in one easy step.


  • 13 natural-looking shades
  • Blends gray away instantly
  • Conditions hair
  • Adds manageability and shine
  • Can be used immediately after relaxing
  • Super gentle; requires no activators or peroxides

All colors contain: Aqua (Water) (Eau), Hexylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Stearalkonium Chloride, Octoxynol-1, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Sulfate, Parfum (Fragrance), Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol
56 Bashful Blonde: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Violet 43, Acid Orange 7, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
52 White Minx: Direct Black 51, Acid Violet 43 CI 30730, Acid Orange 24, Direct Red 80
49 Ultra White Minx: CI 60730 (Ext. Violet 2)
42 Silver Lining: Acid Violet 43, Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
41 True Steel: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
26 Golden Spell: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
23 Frivolous Fawn: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
21 Plush Brown: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
19 Sweet Cream: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Red 33, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
18 Spun Sand: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
16 Hidden Honey: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
13 Chocolate Kiss: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
12 Black Rage: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80

Shampoo hair. Rinse well. Towel dry. Using rubber gloves, raise applicator tip of bottle and apply close to hair. Work color through hair with fingers, then comb through to ensure even distribution and saturation of every hair strand. Blow-dry and style as desired. When washing face, if soap removes color at hairline, dab on a little of Fanci-Full with cotton.

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Average rating:  
 21 reviews
by cary
Sweet Cream
Location: North Carolina
Age: 59

After doing some research, decided to try sweet cream. My hair is over-processed from bleach, so turned a yellow-gold color and was too brassy. I also have dark roots and some gray at roots. Sweet Cream did a nice job of toning down the gold and making hair more soft. While I have to do something about the roots otherwise, the rinse helps with the in-transition phase. I put some in a spray bottle and sprayed it on after shampooing. It is thin and quite drippy so wear old clothes and keep a towel handy. I didn't find the scent offensive; it is a light brown/purple color out of the bottle. I had tried the purple shampoos but this worked better for me.

by Carole
fanciful color rinse saucy beige?
Location: north carolina usa
Age: 74

Please, please bring back saucy beige!!! I loved it for years, and now with all the new hair colors it is really needed! smokey mauve! So so great! Also shy violet! Thank you

by Lorraie
where are the reds
Location: washingon

Where are the reds? First you ended Copper Penny which I used for years then you ended all the reds. Guess we redheads don't matter anymore to you people.

by Barbieas
Lucky Copper
Location: Kellogg, ID
Age: 67

I had been using Fanciful Lucky Copper for years. About 4 years ago it was discontinued. WHY? It is now selling on the internet for outrageous prices I can't afford. Get business smart and bring it back. Charge a little more for it but please bring it back. The moose doesn't give the same results and not near the shade of the discontinued rinse. Maybe you could add more red to the frivolous Fawn. I desperately need the Lucky Copper.

by Mae
Lucky Copper/Wildfire
Location: Iowa
Age: 36

Please bring back Lucky Copper or Wildfire in rinse form. It is becoming very hard to find reds for my client.

by Connie Schmitz
Love this product!!
Location: Alabama
Age: 60

Love your product! But what happened to Lucky Copper? Please bring it back ASAP!!

by Sheri robison
Lucky copper
Location: Utah
Age: 50

Why in the heck would you get rid of lucky copper #32?!?! One star for getting rid of a very popular color and not replacing it with something comparible. Bad bad move!

by Sophie
Why did you discontinue Silver Lining in the mousse?

UGH! I am finally out of my huge case of Roux Mousse in Silver Lining only to find out NO ONE SELLS IT ANYMORE!! I am freaking out because I LOVE it and the regular rinse is just to darn messy. It is the PERFECT silver/platinum shade for my blonde hair that is purple based instead of blue or green. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the mousse version or tell me where I can still find old cases and I will buy them ALL!

by Rebecca D. Beuchert
Lucky Copper
Location: Washington dc
Age: 65

I have used Fani-full Lucky Copper rinse for years. (I don't like the mousse nearly as much) The rinse makes my hair have body and fullness in addition to depth of color. I love it. But I can't find it any more. What's going on?

by Leah
Love the rinse
Location: New Mexico

I’ve used Fanci-Full rinses for decades. Please bring back Lucky Copper.

by Gail
Lucky Copper Rinse
Location: SC
Age: 56

call them at 1-800-933-4303 and request Lucky Copper # 32 Rinse to be put back on the shelf

by Judy Mongold
Love Fanci-full
Location: Hershey, Pa
Age: 60

Love using fanci-full! Please, bring back Lucky Copper!

by Ashley
Location: PA
Age: 25


by Anne
Location: FL
Age: old enough


by Shirlee_K
Bring back Lucky Copper Please
Location: St. Joseph, MO
Age: 65+

Your product has always been a great pick-me-up for my hair. Sometimes because it's sun-damaged, sometimes because of split ends, it's marvelous stuff. But PLEASE bring back Lucky Copper (or recommend next best color)!

by Josie
Great Color!
Location: Fairport, NY
Age: 46-65

Love, love, love Fanci Full! I decided to go age-appropriate gray several months ago. The permanent color soon washed out. Not wanting to go through the permanent color process again, I started using Fanci Full--so much kinder to my hair. I have had many, many compliments from other women

by sherri
love this product
Location: Calhoun, Ga
Age: 65+

Have used Roux #42 fanci full mousse for years and loved it but now I cant find it. It kept my white hair a beautiful silver color. Is there any way i can purchase it again?

by R French
Great Product
Location: Branson, MO
Age: 46-65

I'd like to thank Roux for bringing back the original, lighter formula. It shows that they listen to their customers Now if you would reinstate the full color line, that would be great. I too am a big fan of Tempting Taffy. This is a great product. I've used it for 30 years.

by Rena Pap
An excellent product!
Location: Athens, Greece, Europe.
Age: 65+

For many years I have been using the Hair colour "fanciful rinse " No 23 frivolous fawn golden brown, temporary colour. I had used many other similar products before I found this. After our first acquaintance the "roux rinse" and I became inseparable! The very best of its kind! Excellent!

by debi
very good products
Location: cocoa,fl
Age: 65+

I need to find out if I can still order #27 Tempting taffy, I have a customer and that is the only rinse she will use.

by sharon
like product
Location: uniontown, ohio
Age: 46-65

fancifull #24 is being discontinued, can I buy this from the factory direct? Ihave used this for 4 yrs. for my red hair, what am I supposed to do?