Fanci-Full Rinse

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 71 reviews

Switch up your look instantly with Roux Fanci-Full Rinse! Perfect for refreshing faded hair color, color correction and toning. Color is instantaneous and non-damaging. Added styling lotion allows for coloring and styling in one easy step.


  • 13 natural-looking shades
  • Blends gray away instantly
  • Conditions hair
  • Adds manageability and shine
  • Can be used immediately after relaxing
  • Super gentle; requires no activators or peroxides

All colors contain: Aqua (Water) (Eau), Hexylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Stearalkonium Chloride, Octoxynol-1, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Sulfate, Parfum (Fragrance), Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol
56 Bashful Blonde: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Violet 43, Acid Orange 7, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
52 White Minx: Direct Black 51, Acid Violet 43 CI 30730, Acid Orange 24, Direct Red 80
49 Ultra White Minx: CI 60730 (Ext. Violet 2)
42 Silver Lining: Acid Violet 43, Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
41 True Steel: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
26 Golden Spell: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
23 Frivolous Fawn: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
21 Plush Brown: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
19 Sweet Cream: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Red 33, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
18 Spun Sand: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
16 Hidden Honey: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Red 80, Direct Black 51
13 Chocolate Kiss: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Acid Violet 43, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80
12 Black Rage: Acid Yellow 3, Acid Orange 7, Direct Black 51, Direct Red 80

Shampoo hair. Rinse well. Towel dry. Using rubber gloves, raise applicator tip of bottle and apply close to hair. Work color through hair with fingers, then comb through to ensure even distribution and saturation of every hair strand. Blow-dry and style as desired. When washing face, if soap removes color at hairline, dab on a little of Fanci-Full with cotton.

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Average rating:  
 71 reviews
by Angie
Perfect for greys
Location: Colorado
Age: 61

True Steel is perfect for my natural grey hair. I get compliments all of the time on the color.

by Jo Terry
Sweet Cream Rinse
Location: FL
Age: 85

I used Sweet Cream for years and loved it. Now that my hair has turned a white-ish color, I would like to try it again. I tried White Minx and didn't like it on me. Sally Beauty Supply in Ft Walton Beach, does not have it anymore. The clerk said it was one of their most popular colors, and would like to have it. Why is it not available there?

by Jan
Not sure what color to use
Location: MS
Age: 69

As many of us who are discovering their roots while working from home during this pandemic,i have finally decided to embrace my gray, after years of processing, high lighting, low lighting, etc. I also have breast cancer, (in remission, thank God) and the medicine that I have to take can cause hair thinning. I am working on bringing my hair back to life, after years of this dame. So, I'm debating which color rinse to use, as I try to grow my hair out. My roots are more white than gray, and the dyed hair is similar to #18 spun sand. Suggestions appreciated!

by Ellen
Golden Spell rinse
Location: The Woodlands, Tx
Age: 87

I really need my Golden Spell Fanci-Full rinse. Where can I get it? Can I order a supply? I'll buy a case if necessary.

by Linda Goslin
Saucy Beige
Location: St. Charles, MO
Age: 65

I always loved using Fancifull Roux rinse in my hair, my mother was a hair dresser she went to school for it when I was just in 2nd grade, but when I was older and she frosted (highlighted) my hair I used Bashful Blonde, White Minx & some times Saucy Beige, I'm so disappointed that you no longer make Saucy Beige the only way to get a bottle is to buy it on Ebay and even then it is very pricey and limited. I also think that the formula must have changed because it use to smell better and was thicker more conditioning than the stuff I buy now from Sally's Beauty supply. But all in all I still like using it now that my hair is almost totally white I no longer lighten it and this just gives me a little color to change it up for the same old white with a few stray brown hairs. Would really like to see you bring back Saucy Beige now that we have people putting pink, purple green, orange and every other color in their hair I think Saucy Beige would really take off as a new color.

by Karen B.
I mix Lucky Cooper moose with liquid Goldenspell
Location: North Carollina
Age: 66

I love Fanci Ful Roux rinse. I need a little red in my hair, too. I use Lucky Cooper moose and stir it into my liquid Goldenspell to get more red tones. I often use the red and just paint it on my hair for streaks, using a coloring brush. I do this when my hair is dry. Sometimes I add the color Steel along with the red using a different brush and bowl. Once the streaks dry, just brush them through. This gives more dimension to the hair.

by Judy
Location: Texas
Age: 60

If you had a Rose Gold rinse it would be da bomb! Also, why did you get rid of the reds in the rinses? The mousses just don't measure up to the rinses though they are indeed neater!!

by Stacy Newman
Location: Clare, MI
Age: 57

Definitely need to bring the red shades back!!...loved them!

by Linda Cheek
super gentle
Age: 76

I am a redhead, but now at age 76, I need some color and love fanciful, but please add an ash color to your choices as it will lessen the brassiness in red hair. All the other reds are brassy and at my age I don't need that.

by Betty Mayeur
Want the originals back
Location: Dallas,,Texas
Age: 77

I have used both your color mousse or weekly color rinse for many years and have been very satisfied with #26. Why change it? Don't mess with perfection. Your "new, vivrant" colors are too harsh and brassy for me. Where can I find the original ones?

by Barb
Very Vanilla
Location: Idaho
Age: 50

Please start sell #17 Very Vanilla. Have tried every mixture of roux colors and cand not get the same color. Color mixtures creates either the copper yellow color or dirty gray color.ThanksBarb

by Diane Vogel
former hairdresser
Location: Allen Park, MI
Age: 65

I too need Lucky Copper! What has replaced it?

by Arlene Fontana
lucky copper
Location: Hudson,FL.
Age: 80


by Terry
Color won’t wash completely out. Anyone else have this problem?
Age: 61

Great product. Just does NOT want to wash completely out of my hair. Any suggestions to get it out..Thanks

by ann baughman
red hair
Location: kansas
Age: 80+

You have forgotten the redheads. Or do the products not sell well enough?? Lucky copper, strawberry blonde, etc. What is being substituted for these??

by Lynn
Why aren’t there better directions?!! Smh

While the product works relatively well, it’s too much guess work. There are no directions as to how much to use or how long to “work in” before drying or styling. A simple sentence indicating how much to use, would greatly help. I used almost half a bottle. Then I read one customer used it for 2-3 applications. Does a little of a long way or the more the better?? Be more explicit please

by Andrea
Fancy full party colors
Location: Nj
Age: 65

1972 I graduated Hair Academy, would use fancy full party colors IE: pink, green, blue etc. used on processed hair for hair shows. Could they be produced again? Temporary color rinsed in kept hair manageable unlike the products now I am trying. Please consider

by Barbara Whitaker
Very Vanilla
Location: Northwest
Age: 50

I have used Very Vanilla for years and get so many compliments about the color of my hair. I have tried to find it but understand it has been discontinued. Do you know anywhere I can get the Very Vanilla or any mixture of the other colors that would resemble it. Any chance you can make it again or can I get a special ordet.Thank youBarb W

by Hailey
Location: Hollywood
Age: 16

When I tried it I thought it would just make my hair better but no it makes my hair softer I love it thanks ❤️

by Ellie Gratz
Silver lining is no longer purple based
Location: Georgia
Age: 66

I am really disappointed in the new silver lining product, it is no longer purple based and that was what I was going for. The new formula is just a plain dull grey. Do I really have to go look elsewhere for my purple rinse?

by Rhonda
Powder roux # 43 from 70s
Location: Alberta
Age: 50

I have this powder from years ago no directions. How would i mix thi to put on my hair?

by Linda Gibso
Frivolous fawn
Location: Bella Vista Arkansas

We’ve used roux rinse for ever but this last 3that we bought of frivolousFawn is way darker than before can you please tell me why? Thank youBella Vista Beauty salon

forbidden gold
Location: OKC, Oklahoma
Age: 80

Is the Forbidden Gold rinse still available?

by Michele McCreary
Fanciful rinse
Location: Smithdps falls Ontario Canada
Age: 60

We are so very disappointed in the frivolous fawn mousse ! You say it is new and improved ! We are having a terrible time with the new and improved formula , it is turning our little white haired ladies mauvey , purple ,! What is up with that ! Why did you change it ! I want the old formula back ! After 42 years of hairdressing I'm sorry to say that I won't be buying frivolous fawn anymore ! Very discouraged ! ?

by Imogene Hall
Location: Seymour, TN
Age: 74

I love the product itself, but lowered rating due to such a limited choice of colors! Years ago, I used a very popular color called Sun Gold and you discontinued that! Now, the closest thing I can find is Golden Spell and it is not sold in stores, such as Sallys! Found it on Amazon but it is very expensive! Why can't you distribute a Gold to the stores???

by Jane Teeman
Great Product
Location: Raymore MO
Age: 64

I have been using fanci full for years to stretch the time between hair coloring. It looks natural and really blends in well. It is quite thin so I apply it to my roots and dab with a cotton ball to prevent dripping. One bottle lasts me for months as opposed to root touch up that is used once or touch up spray that is in a small aerosol can.

by Linda
Need Red!
Location: Ohio
Age: 63

Please bring back #32 Lucky Copper Fanci-Full RINSE. I need a red for touch-up between coloring. Mousse and crayon do not work.

by Shirlee
Lucky Copper - Sweet Cream
Age: 71

I am using Sweet Cream now but miss Lucky Copper terribly. Please bring it back. Your color rinses are great on fine hair that needs a little something.

by Claudia Gogal
Tempting taffy
Age: 90

I am writing for my mother who is in her 90’s! She had always used Tempting Taffy but we can not seem to find it. I see from other reviews that other women are looking for tempting taffy also. Have you thought of bringing it back Or is it still available? If so, please tell me where I may find it.

by Dot Jozwiak
Location: Michigan
Age: 60

I have used fanciful liquid and mousse for years in my shop. My go to color was frivolous fawn-no problem, blended in with most colors. Within the last year I have a problem with it turning the hair orange (gray or white hair and not permed). The funny thing is, the most porous hair on the top is fine (you would think it would grab more). It's the hair in the back, underneath and now it's underneath on the sides. We live in the city, so it's not from the water. The person with the biggest problem, has no other color in her hair and just uses it to add a little color to her gray/white hair. I have tried to remove the orange but it won't budge. Any suggestions?!?

by Susan Williams
Discontinued color
Location: Maryland
Age: Over 40

Please bring back Tempting Taffy!! I hate gold hair which i get from Sweet Creme and Bashful Blonde. I was using the mask 812 but its a little too dark. Tempting Taffy was the perfect mix of beige and hint of pink insteadog gold. Do you have any leftovers???

by Mary Ann
Roux Color Rinse- Lucky Copper
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 70

I really love this product and would give it five star review except for the fact that I can’t find my shade anymore. Every so often I’ll do a google search to look for Luck Copper with no results.I did find it on Amazon fo $198 per bottle!Does anyone know why I can find this shade in a mousse but not in the color rinse?

by Maria
Lucky Copper rinse color
Location: USA
Age: 57

Please bring Lucky Copper back.I like switching between the copper and frivolous fawn colors.My friends and family seems to like the copper on me better.

by LaShonda Felton
Blonde And Redhead
Location: Hertford, NC
Age: 35

My Sister Tai Is A Natural Redhead And I'm a Natural Blonde!

by Emily Schmidt
new color goof
Location: Nebraska
Age: 78

I love the product; have been using #23. New formula removes blond touches and is just a darker grey. #23 wasn't broke; I don't like the fix. Need another color.

by Susan
New colors !
Location: Dallas
Age: 63

I love your products.I wanted to try some temporary soft pink or lilac or blue hues to my gray! Anyway you would add some of these colors using your basic formula ?

by Marion Ebersole
Discontin'd Lucky Copper SOS!
Location: Florida
Age: 82

Please add Lucky Copper #32 Fanci-Full rinse to the line again. I shudder to think of the current prices on Amazon & E-Bay for this perfectly beautiful color. I began using Lucky Copper & Red Riot rinses to refresh my color between dye apps in 1976 when I became a Roux model. There are a lot more red-heads out there now and we are not happy with the mousse; it coats the hair, making it sticky. There is still a huge market for Lucky Copper and its worth 5 stars.

by Kevin Boyle
Lucky Copper
Age: 37

This is a wonderful product, I have many roller set clients still. However little by little over the years since no longer by revlon, you discontinue colors left and right! especially LUCKY COPPER!!!! I used the last of my last bottle! Bring back some of the old colors please!!!!!!!!

by Jane
Bring back Very Vanilla!
Location: San Diego
Age: 72

I have used this product for many years. Very Vanilla was the perfect color for me and I have been trying to find a satisfactory mix ever since you discontinued it. If you can't bring it back, please tell me how to mix it! I also believe that the product used to be more intense which better covered the orange/gold areas that many of us get. Lastly, I don't like the pull-up round caps. The flip up caps are easier to get to the root areas.

by Christine Henderson
the best for decades
Location: Cabot, AR
Age: 70

For years, when I was younger, I used sweet cream to keep my highlighted hair from being too brassy. Went natural for a while as I began to gray, but my gray is very dull. I've gone back to 'blonde' with this again, and absolutely love it.. I may experiment with the grays/silvers to see if I can silver it up a bit. But I'm so glad you are still here...

by gloria henderson
Location: Garland, Texas
Age: 61

Please bring back your toners, I used them for years & now cannot find them.

by Mary Bauer
Love Fanci-Full Rinse
Location: New Jersey
Age: 73

I started using Fanci-Full rinse in 1962 when I went to Beauty School. I have always loved this rinse, I used several of the colors for all these years in between touch ups. Now my hair is almost white and I still need these rinses. So glad the company was saved and we can get these products. Thank you.

by Betty Faille
Location: Highlands Ranch CO
Age: Over 85

I always use Color 23, but was astonished (after having my hair combed out by the beautician) that my color was a lot darker than usual. I have always loved the color and would like to purchase the original 23. If you have it, let me know immediately. You should change the number if you ae altering the color so much. The rating above is for the previous number 23.

by Kathy
Love It
Location: Missouri
Age: 67

This product is fabulous. My natural color is dark dirty blond. Plush Brown rinse covers the gray and blends it with my natural color to create a natural looking high lights/low lights effect. My hair is also fine and tends get staticy and lay flat against my head. Fanci-Full takes care of static without weighting down my hair. I just bought Fanci-Full mousse in Lucky Copper. I plan to mix a little Lucky Copper mousse with Plush Brown rinse to add a new dimension of color to my hair. If it does not look good, I will simply wash it out.

by Nadean Lairsey
Love, love this product
Location: 31516
Age: 75

I have been using Fanciful roux mousse in black rage and dark brown. I am having purple highlights, please help me to change this.

by Geri
Lucky red copper
Location: Bethpage NY
Age: 75

Why have u taken the liguid of red copper away?The mouse brushes out after the 1st, Combing or Brushing of hair. PLEASE BRING BACKRED (LUCKY) COPPER. IT STAYS IN TILL U WASH YOUR HAIR AGAIN.

by Christine Russick
Discountinue colors
Location: Pennsylvania
Age: 58

We're are all your RED tones rinses....

by Mary Cagle
fanci-ful choc kiss rinse
Location: Holdenville Ok
Age: 87

I have used this product Choc kiss for years & have always been happy until this past year. It doesn't cover the gray like it use to. My beautician even said she is having problem with it covering the gray on other clients. I have loved this product but I may have to change to something else.

by Linda
Lucky Copper/Wildfire
Location: Wheaton, Illinois
Age: 36

PLEASE bring back Lucky Copper or Wildfire... These are great red tones and there is no other product that can compare.

turns red
Location: WEST BRANCH MI 48661
Age: 77

I use plush brown on my light brown and gray hair, my hair is turning red ,what color brown is best for me? I all so get perms on hair. and is there a place whare I can order Fanci full,because my stors only have one brown.Thank you.

by cary
Sweet Cream
Location: North Carolina
Age: 59

After doing some research, decided to try sweet cream. My hair is over-processed from bleach, so turned a yellow-gold color and was too brassy. I also have dark roots and some gray at roots. Sweet Cream did a nice job of toning down the gold and making hair more soft. While I have to do something about the roots otherwise, the rinse helps with the in-transition phase. I put some in a spray bottle and sprayed it on after shampooing. It is thin and quite drippy so wear old clothes and keep a towel handy. I didn't find the scent offensive; it is a light brown/purple color out of the bottle. I had tried the purple shampoos but this worked better for me.

by Carole
fanciful color rinse saucy beige?
Location: north carolina usa
Age: 74

Please, please bring back saucy beige!!! I loved it for years, and now with all the new hair colors it is really needed! smokey mauve! So so great! Also shy violet! Thank you

by Lorraie
where are the reds
Location: washingon

Where are the reds? First you ended Copper Penny which I used for years then you ended all the reds. Guess we redheads don't matter anymore to you people.

by Barbieas
Lucky Copper
Location: Kellogg, ID
Age: 67

I had been using Fanciful Lucky Copper for years. About 4 years ago it was discontinued. WHY? It is now selling on the internet for outrageous prices I can't afford. Get business smart and bring it back. Charge a little more for it but please bring it back. The moose doesn't give the same results and not near the shade of the discontinued rinse. Maybe you could add more red to the frivolous Fawn. I desperately need the Lucky Copper.

by Mae
Lucky Copper/Wildfire
Location: Iowa
Age: 36

Please bring back Lucky Copper or Wildfire in rinse form. It is becoming very hard to find reds for my client.

by Connie Schmitz
Love this product!!
Location: Alabama
Age: 60

Love your product! But what happened to Lucky Copper? Please bring it back ASAP!!

by Sheri robison
Lucky copper
Location: Utah
Age: 50

Why in the heck would you get rid of lucky copper #32?!?! One star for getting rid of a very popular color and not replacing it with something comparible. Bad bad move!

by Sophie
Why did you discontinue Silver Lining in the mousse?

UGH! I am finally out of my huge case of Roux Mousse in Silver Lining only to find out NO ONE SELLS IT ANYMORE!! I am freaking out because I LOVE it and the regular rinse is just to darn messy. It is the PERFECT silver/platinum shade for my blonde hair that is purple based instead of blue or green. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the mousse version or tell me where I can still find old cases and I will buy them ALL!

by Rebecca D. Beuchert
Lucky Copper
Location: Washington dc
Age: 65

I have used Fani-full Lucky Copper rinse for years. (I don't like the mousse nearly as much) The rinse makes my hair have body and fullness in addition to depth of color. I love it. But I can't find it any more. What's going on?

by Leah
Love the rinse
Location: New Mexico

I’ve used Fanci-Full rinses for decades. Please bring back Lucky Copper.

by Gail
Lucky Copper Rinse
Location: SC
Age: 56

call them at 1-800-933-4303 and request Lucky Copper # 32 Rinse to be put back on the shelf

by Judy Mongold
Love Fanci-full
Location: Hershey, Pa
Age: 60

Love using fanci-full! Please, bring back Lucky Copper!

by Ashley
Location: PA
Age: 25


by Anne
Location: FL
Age: old enough


by Shirlee_K
Bring back Lucky Copper Please
Location: St. Joseph, MO
Age: 65+

Your product has always been a great pick-me-up for my hair. Sometimes because it's sun-damaged, sometimes because of split ends, it's marvelous stuff. But PLEASE bring back Lucky Copper (or recommend next best color)!

by Josie
Great Color!
Location: Fairport, NY
Age: 46-65

Love, love, love Fanci Full! I decided to go age-appropriate gray several months ago. The permanent color soon washed out. Not wanting to go through the permanent color process again, I started using Fanci Full--so much kinder to my hair. I have had many, many compliments from other women

by sherri
love this product
Location: Calhoun, Ga
Age: 65+

Have used Roux #42 fanci full mousse for years and loved it but now I cant find it. It kept my white hair a beautiful silver color. Is there any way i can purchase it again?

by R French
Great Product
Location: Branson, MO
Age: 46-65

I'd like to thank Roux for bringing back the original, lighter formula. It shows that they listen to their customers Now if you would reinstate the full color line, that would be great. I too am a big fan of Tempting Taffy. This is a great product. I've used it for 30 years.

by Rena Pap
An excellent product!
Location: Athens, Greece, Europe.
Age: 65+

For many years I have been using the Hair colour "fanciful rinse " No 23 frivolous fawn golden brown, temporary colour. I had used many other similar products before I found this. After our first acquaintance the "roux rinse" and I became inseparable! The very best of its kind! Excellent!

by debi
very good products
Location: cocoa,fl
Age: 65+

I need to find out if I can still order #27 Tempting taffy, I have a customer and that is the only rinse she will use.

by sharon
like product
Location: uniontown, ohio
Age: 46-65

fancifull #24 is being discontinued, can I buy this from the factory direct? Ihave used this for 4 yrs. for my red hair, what am I supposed to do?