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For over 80 years, Roux has taken an innovative approach to creating high quality beauty products for salon professionals and savvy beauty consumers. Our specialized line of products has been beautifying women by enhancing their color experience since 1932.

  • Roux: 1930s Roux:1930s


    Developed in 1932 by George Kremer Jr., Roux was the beauty product first of its kind, offering reliable, high quality and affordable hair color.

  • Roux: 1950s Roux: 1950s


    Roux introduces Lash & Brow, the only product on the market safe enough to darken brows and eyelashes with no color deposit or developer.

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  • Roux: 1960s Roux: 1960s


    Roux launches Fanci-Full Rinse to the consumer market. With colors for all occasions, this innovative product quickly catapults to America's #1 temporary hair color.

    'Tween Time, a non-flaking retouch color stick, also makes its debut.

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  • Roux: 1970s Roux: 1970s


    Roux joins the Bleach Era, launching several speed bleaches including Sheer Delight, Frosty Roulite and Roux White.

    The Roux bestseller, Clean Touch, is introduced.

    Revlon purchases the Roux brand.

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  • Roux: 1980s Roux: 1980s


    Fanci-Full Mousse hits the market, a favorite among young clients wanting versatility and desiring to create stylish, cutting-edge looks.

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  • Roux: 1990s Roux: 1990s


    Roux is rebranded with the stylish "Roux Blue" packaging.

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  • Roux: 2000s Roux: 2000s


    Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Roux introduces a more sophisticated, glamorous, yet approachable look that celebrates its heritage.

  • Roux: TODAY Roux: TODAY


    Roux introduces its Rejuvenating hair care line, giving women everywhere healthy, beautiful, instantly younger-looking hair.

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