Fanci-Full Mousse

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 82 reviews

Achieve brilliant hair color while you style with Roux Fanci-Full Mousse. Refresh your fading hair color and highlights with a no-commitment, conditioning color that is gentle on the hair giving you instant volume, shine and manageability.


  • Available in 6 beautiful shades
  • Color and style in one easy step
  • Blends gray away instantly
  • Color lasts until the next shampoo
  • Can be used immediately after relaxing
  • Super gentle; requires no activators or peroxides

Aqua/Water/Eau, Butane, Propane, Polyquaternium-4, Acrylates Copolymer, Aminomethyl Propanol, Ceteth-10, Glycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Laureth-4, PEG/PPG-20/20 Dimethicone, PEG-9, Castor Oilm, Polyquaternium-10, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Acetate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Parfum (Fragrance), Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Caprylyl Glycol, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Ext. Violet 2

52 White Minx: PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin, Blue 1
32 Lucky Copper: PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin, Green 5, Red 40, Yellow 5
26 Golden Spell: PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin, Green 5, Red 40, Yellow 5
23 Frivolous Fawn: PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin, Green 5, Red 40, Yellow 5
21 Plush Brown: PPG-12-PEG-50 Lanolin, Blue 1, Green 5, Orange 4, Red 40, Yellow 5
13 Chocolate Kiss: PPG-12-PEG-65 Lanolin Oil, Blue 1, Green 5, Orange 4, Red 40, Yellow 5

Shake well before using. Apply on clean, towel-dried hair. Can must be held upside down. Dispense desired amount into palm of hand, and distribute evenly throughout hair with both hands, comb or brush. Do not dilute. Do not rinse.

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Average rating:  
 82 reviews
by Bonnie Bohanon
Where is blond shade
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Age: 72

Hello, I have used the blond shade of Fancifull Mousse for years and now am unableto find a blonde mousse. I tried Golden Spell but it is a medium brown color. Is thereany Fancifull Mousse available that is truely a blond shade anymore?

by Wanda Higgins
White minx
Location: TN
Age: 69

I used the White Minx on my Mom's hair and used the Frivolous Fawn on my hair in the 90's, now that i have gone completely white haired I have used the White Minx on it for 9 years. I am so disappointed in the recent change to the product.!!! As the saying goes, if it isn't broke don't fix it! It was such great mousse but now it is so watery and I don't care for the smell. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!! It is still my go to, but I am so not happy! And I truly dislike giving a 3 and it's only because you changed the formula!

by Connie Bohager
What happened to Sweet Cream ?
Location: Arizona
Age: 71

I can no longer find Sweet Cream Mouse and I have tried the rinse. The outcome is totally different and unacceptable! Please bring back the mouse!

Location: MS
Age: 68


by Linda
Bashful Blonde
Location: US
Age: 54

This product is a life saver between colors at the salon. My roots are white and my hair grows so fast that I require root touch ups every other week(more often if I have an event to attend). This product helps to hide the growth and my age ! It appears you are no longer making it :( Please, Please bring it back. It has taken me years to find the perfect hair color for my complexion and because my natural color is so white now I cannot go any darker with the hair color or I look like a skunk when it starts to grow out.

by Aline Savoie
Location: Nb
Age: 58

I have been using frivolous fawn mousse for years. Great coverage. But lately it has dyed my hair purple. Is this some kind of reaction? Even after I wash it out many times it stays purple. Does anyone else have this?

by m robinson
Age: 68

i just have questions...i have used the mousse on and off through the years...especially between hair colorings. But the latest container of the Frivolous Fawn seems definitely different. The color is definitely darker, and the color stays on your hands. I washed them twice and my nails and finger tips still have brown tint. Did you change the contents? i am certainly not pleased with it now.

by Janet Martin

What happened to #16 mousse.

by Barb
spun sand mousse
Location: cincinnati
Age: 57

Finally found something awesome, now it's discontinued. Please, please bring back Spun Sand!Thank you!!

by Francisca Rosario
Fancy full mouse#42
Age: 77

I love it; but i don't found it. if this product discontinued?

by Carole
Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse
Location: Birmingham, AL
Age: 74

Love the white minx mousse but can only find the liquid. The liquid is too messy and hard to use. Sally's is the only store that carries Roux but in liquid only. Can you recommend the mousse?!!!

by Linda Couch
Location: South Carolina
Age: 70

I have been using Roux products since 1964 . First permanent toners, along with fanci-full rinses & also Nice Change (a semi-permanent) rinse which was always my favorite for my bleached hair but was discontinued in the mid 90's. After that was cut off I started using Mousse in Bashful Blonde been using it si ce 1995. Please tell me why it was reformulated & is now much much darker. It makes my pretty blonde hair look dirty. I cannot find any of the original formula & nothing else works . Please help !!!i am also having a hard time finding it & had to order online & am now stuck with 6 cans that I cannot use because of the color.

by Carolyn
Location: Chapel Hill, N.C.
Age: 74

I really like using the Mousse, but I have trouble with the nozzle. It doesn't want to push easily for the product to release. I have arthritis in my hands and fingers and it is a real struggle to get the Mousse out. I just wonder if anyone else has this same issue.

by Lynn
Bring back Hidden Honey
Location: Hamilton, GA
Age: 70

I hope you will consider bringing back Hidden Honey mousse. I cannot get good gray coverage with the lighter colors but Frivolous Fawn is too dark and Hidden Honey rinse won't cover my roots. Please go back to offering a better range of color choices in mousse.

by Ellie DiMugno
Age: 69

Love the color mousse. Why have you taken certain shades away? Not only are the shades believable, this product makes my hair more manageable and seem fuller.

by pat
Sweet Cream Mousse
Location: Albuquerque, NM

I don't see Sweet Cream Mousse listed anymore It is a great product. Please bring it back.

by Kat
Bring Back Dark Gray Mousse
Location: Indiana
Age: 59

Found and Lost...The Dark Gray Mousse is the best color for those of us who want to go gray naturally without looking like a clown. So why did you take it away and leave only White? Why do you want us to look like clowns in front of our children, grandchildren friends and husbands!...WHY? Please bring back our Dark Gray Mousse...PLEASE!!

by frances
Location: New Mexico
Age: 71

I would love to see the mouse in the true steel color. I use the liquid, but would be so much easier if it was in the mouse form

by Lucy
Bring Back True Steel!
Age: 65

Please, please, bring back True Steel #41 in your Mousse. It was so easy to use and the color was great. Can't find anything that compares. With grey hair being so trendy, it might be a good time to consider the move.Your liquid in True Steel works but is messy while the mousse was not.

by Joan
Fanciful Mouse -- Hidden Honey
Age: 82

I want to know when you are going to bring back Hidden Honey in the Fanciful Mouse. The mouse gives my hair body like nothing else will. I have used this for years and cannot not find anything in the colors you have now that blends with my hair and looks natural. Help!!!!!!!!

by Linda Wadsworth
Silver lining
Location: Houston tx
Age: 76

What happened to silver lining. I’ve used white minx but I don’t like it so much. It makes my hair too dark and hides my white.

by Karen
Need mousse in Silver Lining and/or no color
Location: Greenfield
Age: 60

I love the fullness I got when I was using a color Fanciful Mousse. Now that I have grown out my color, I need the mousse in Silver Lining and/or a plain mouse that gives me that same body/fullness. Help!!!! The rinse doesn't do the same thing.

by Joan ramsay
Frivolous Fawn Mousse
Location: British columbia
Age: 89

Marvellous product but do not like the new Frivolous Fawn colour. Mauve is far removed from what you would expect from the name.

by Carolyn Henneken
Where is Spun Sand?
Location: Carpentersville, IL
Age: 68

Since I'm not buying, I'm not sure what I am rating here. I gave 5 stars to Fanci-Full Mousse in Spun Sand, the perfect thing to tone down my turning-white hair and give it some body at the same time. From the looks of other reviews I'm reading here, it appears that you have discontinued several colors. Why?? Please bring back Spun Sand. There is nothing else like it, color-wise -- though I suppose I COULD buy the rinse and then some other mousse. I would just rather not.

by Pam
Discontinued shades
Age: 70

Been everywhere but cannot find the 2 shades I’ve been using for years!Please bring back #16 and #18!!!!

by Norinne Alleva
Location: New jersey
Age: 70’s

Please bring back sweet cream! Have used it for years and I love the color! Please, please, please!

by Toni Nicholson
#18 mousse sand
Location: N.C.
Age: 71

Please bring back mousse #18 Sand. It was great for grey hair. No blue tint like the liquid. Everyone is askiing about this color at Sally’s. Rating is for the #18 mousse

by Carol Manzaro
Silver Linings
Location: Florida
Age: 71

I used this before when my hair was growing out to white. I've stopped dyeing again and going back to white. PLEASE start selling the Silver Linings again. It's the perfect color for me

by cathy gash
56 bashfull blonde
Location: chestertown md
Age: 76

looking to purchase #56 bashful blond &&&&&&&

by Jacki
Fancifull Mousse
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Age: 73

Love your product but apparently Hidden Honey has been discontinued. I tried Frivolous Fawn but it's too dark. Golden Spell is too yellow for me.

by Donna G
New Golden Spell too dark
Location: Ohio
Age: 65+

I've been using Golden Spell mousse and rinse for almost 10 years, and I love the coverage and color on my nearly white hair. When you improved it the color of the mousse is much darker and not flattering. The rinse is a bit darker but still useable, but I miss the mousse very much.

by Blanche
Sweet Cream
Location: Florida
Age: 72

PLEASE bring back sweet cream mousse

by Barb Stiles
Fanci-Full color mousse
Location: Tx
Age: 80

I am missing my colors: SPUN SAND and SWEET CREAM. Why have they been discontinued? I have used them for years. Please bring them back.

by Lin
sweet cream color mousse
Location: North Carolina
Age: 55

Please bring back the sweet cream color mousse. Cannot find it anywhere. It was the best shade for taking care of yellow tones in light to medium blonde hair and very natural looking. The color mask was wonderful also for in between coloring and conditioning. Looking forward to a come back for these products. Thanks!

by Kafelatte
Love Sweet Cream
Location: NY
Age: 58

Since it washes out, I really need this to come in air-travel size.You are offering different colors than in the store. You need to indicate which is a replacement for what.

by Wilma Ikner
Location: Katy, Tx.
Age: 80

I have used Roux Mouse #19 (sweet cream) for a few years. Now I can't find it and really want to keep using it. Please tell me how I can get this color.

by Sarah
Love your greys
Location: High Point, NC 27260
Age: 70

You have apparently discontinued several colors. I and others are very disappointed, Sally's in our area say cannot get #52 which you show as available and #13, not available. I need the grey to mix with a brown etc. Please bring back to your vendors.

by Marion Mongeon
Fanci-Full Colour Styling Mousse
Location: Northern Ontario
Age: 80

Have used this for have changed colour 23 to much darkerPLEASE BRING BACK PREVIOUS COLOUR

by Ala
Fancifull mouse # 42
Location: Florida
Age: 62

Please return your fanci- full#42 mouse, so many people have ask for it.What is the reason that you discontinue making that color?

by DD
Sweet Cream Color Styling Mousse
Location: USA

I don't find Sweet Cream Color Styling Mousse on your site, but amazon has it. The local beauty supply doesn't have it either. Where did amazon get it?

by Rose Cianciullo
Fanci Full Mousse #12
Location: Florida
Age: 75

I can't seem to find this item anywhere I tried all of the Sally's who carried your products but no one seems to carry this number. Please let me know where I can find #12 Black Rade. I thank you ahead of time and hope to hear from you.

by Ann Smith
Silver Lining mousse
Location: Cleveland Tn
Age: 68

Why why why did you discontinue True Steel and Silver Lining? Pls why????????

by Anne Leslie Cocharan
Location: Windsor, N. S. Canada
Age: 69

I have loved this product for years. I have always used Frivolous Fawn. When my hair got really white, I switched to 52 White Minx. Recently I purchased two cans at the local pharmacy. When I went to use one of the new ones, I discovered what came out was a purple liquidly type product instead of the white type foam. I shook the can and tried again. Second can was the same. Headed back to the pharmacy to see if another can there and if the same. It was. I managed to get my money back without a receipt, but it was a struggle. I do not want purple hair so I did not try these ones. I thought maybe they were just old and had been on the shelf too long. Is this a new product in the same type can? It is the same number 52. Anyone else have this issue too? Help. I swear by this product to manage my hair. My rating was a 5 but now not sure. Will put 5 to get this to submit.

by Joan
Fanci-Full mousse
Location: Alabama
Age: 85

Have used this product for years. Now all of a sudden I cannot find it anywhere.I do not understand what happened. Did you discontinue it? Please explain why you have reduced this wholeline.

by Leyanne thomas
Grey minx
Location: Tiverton On
Age: 59

Love the plain grey minx colour mousse. Unfortunately you have added some purple and now it is too purple. Please return the plain grey minx mousse! Miss it.

by Roz mcLean
Colour styling mousse
Location: Niagara
Age: 72

Love the product but can't get colour "Spun Sand" #18

by Linda Murdock
Mousse #12
Location: Minnesota
Age: 65

Do you still sell styling mousse #12 in Black Rage?

by Park
Black Rage
Age: 55

Why did you stop making #12 Black Rage? It was wonderful. I have used it for years. There isn't a mousse now for black hair. Please bring it back or make it available online.

by Donna gawalko
Roux Colorado mousse #52
Location: Drayton Valley Alberta
Age: 75

Since the new design cans came out the product isn’t the sameMuch more runny and colour particles showing in foam

by Amy Edgar
Love this rinse - Used it for years
Location: Tennessee
Age: 50

I have used this product for many years! I have messed my hair up so many times by trying to do my blonde myself.. This has saved me so many times by correcting my mistake until I could get into my stylist.. BUT I DO WISH YOU WOULD PLEASE COME OUT W/SOME COLORS LIKE *MAHOGANY* ,PINK, LAVENDER ECT.

by Gwen Williams
Cannot Find Product in Mousse
Location: Myrtle Beach SC or Greenville SC

I can’t find colors I use in the mousse.#16 and #21.I alternate these two.Sally’s Beauty said they no longer carry these in the mousse.Please advise.

by Mary Ellen
Fanciful instant color mousse
Location: Virden, MB
Age: 74

I just want to comment on New Enriched color. I have used the Plush Brown for long time, but not happy with the changed product. It is so DARK and not really Plush Brown anymore. It is messy and really stains. Just not happy with it! Loved it before and had so many compliments.

by r adams
Can't find 16
Location: San Antonio

Why can't I find Hidden Honey $# 16? Sally's says it is discontinued, what should I use that is the closes to this color?

by Clara
Why have the colors changed?
Location: USA
Age: 65

My hair is light to medium blonde with about 50% bluish gray. I've always used Golden Spell with perfect results. Now, the new Golden Spell makes my hair look ridiculously dark. What color should I change to to get what Golden Spell used to look like?

by Edna Tolas
User of fanci-ful mousse
Location: LasVegas Nv
Age: 80

I have used this product for the last 20 years and have been very happy with it! UNTIL the past few months, The last 10 cans are flat it doesn't foam up the way it always did. It is watery and doesn't go on right! I have returned 7 and the last 3are no better! Have you changed the formula ? If so I will find a new product.

by Brenda Steiner
What did you do???
Location: Illinois
Age: 68

I have been using Fanci-Full color mousse in chocolate kiss for at least 25 years. It always covered the few grays I have well, and I just liked it more than any plain mousse. The last can I bought is way too dark. I use plastic gloves to put it on, but I can't blow dry my hair with gloves on! This mousse now stains my hands so badly that I will have to stop using it. It also drips light brown spots when my hair gets wet in the rain or in the shower. Why did you change a great product?

by Marion Mongeon
see note in “review”
Location: Iroquois Falls, On Can
Age: 79

I have used Fanciful hair mousse number 23 for many was “perfect”...and now you have changed the colour which is darker and not liked by myself and many other users. What is the closest colour to the old 23? Will you be bringing back the original colour? Think you really should. If not, will stop using your products. I have rated the original 23.

by Edna Whittemore
Location: Hampton, Virginia 23666
Age: 70

I have been using #23 mousse for some time; now it has come out new and improved which is too dark and stains my hands. Do you have the #23 mousse before the change? Thank you.

by Ann
New Richer Color
Location: Yakima, WA
Age: 60's

Love the Fanci-Full mousse product. The mousse stays where you apply it and doesn't drip. I have used Plush Brown for over ten years as a touch up. Although Plush Brown said it was for Dark Brown hair it was really Light to Medium, whereas "Chocolate Kiss" which said it was Light to Medium Brown was actually dark brown. The new improved richer color seems dark brown for both Chocolate Kiss and Plush Brown. I tried Fanciful Fawn but it seems to have too much of a golden tint. Wish the old Plush Brown (a Light Ash Brown color would come back.) Not sure how to get my old favorite back. Any suggestions? Thanks

by Wilma Stevens
FanciFull mousse #23
Location: Lynwood, WA
Age: 85

5 starRating for the original #23 formula. The new formulation gets 0 stars as the color is not even close to the original. Please advise me if the original formula is still available.

by Clare
What happene??
Location: VA
Age: 70

I would have given this 5+ stars, but - I've used this product since the 60s!! I used it before the mouse came out. Fell in love with the mouse. But the last can I bought was very different- the color(Sweet Cream) was way off, way too dark, no longer useable for me. Why in the world would you mess with a perfect product?? Can I get the "old" STUFF BACK, please?!

by Mike
#42 Silver Lining
Location: Knoxville, TN
Age: 64

Please bring back the #42 Silver Lining Mousse. That product turned my white hair to a nice silvery color which I loved. Why did you discontinue such a popular color?

by Marge Wick
Bring Back Mousse
Location: Texas
Age: 77

Please bring back Miusse #42 SILVER LINING.

by Judy
Looking for #41 True Steel Mousse
Location: Broken Arrow, OK
Age: 68

I too would like to see #41 True Steel Mousse!

by Silvia
Bring Mousse #42 back
Location: Florida
Age: 70

The most beautiful shade to be used on white hair is Silver Lining #42. I have been using this mousse for 20 years, and it has recently been discontinued. I know the rinse is still available, but it is not the same. Of all the colors for gray hair, this is the perfect one--no violet hues, no blue hues, just pure silver.Please, please bring it back. There are many posts on YouTube reiterating my opinion.

by Judy Fry
Silver lining mousse
Location: Regina, SK
Age: 74

Please bring back the silver lining mousse!!!Listen to your customers.

by Debra Groom
Why change a good thing?
Location: Syracuse NY
Age: 60

Great product. But why did you change the formula? Now it isn't as good.

by Elle
Love 42 mousse 😢

Please bring back the silver lining #42 mousse

by carolyn murray
Location: n.c.
Age: 71

I have used Roux Fanci-Full Mousse for years & always been pleased with it but several months ago you changed the thickness as well as the color of the applicator. The applicator change doesn't bother me at all but the "new version" of the moose I "DO NOT LIKE". It's thin & runny where the old was foamy & much easier to apply. I used to use the color "demurer mist" & you did away with that. Now I use White Minx. Please bring back the foamy moose or I will have to change products.

by marina leaney
fancilful hair mousse
Location: birmingham uk
Age: 60

wonderful product but can't seem to be able to get it now in the UK please advise

by margaret
new colors
Location: new york
Age: 58

love your product. how about some pink, blue and lavender?

by Diane Gambrell
#41 True Steel Mousse?
Location: Macon, Georgia
Age: 72

Love this product. Can find the rinse but I need the mousse #41. I need the dark grey. Please bring it back. Thanks.

by Lucy Timmins
Roux fancifull mousse
Location: Mesa AZ
Age: 73

Please bring back the silver lining mousse.

by Olga Pont
Fanci full Mousse #42
Location: Miami
Age: 75

Loved the # 42 Silver lining, but cannot find it anywhere.
did you discontinued the product?
Is there a replacement color that is similar?

by AlexB
Great product, but...
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 21

I love the concept of this mousse! Maintain style well and color hair instantly without the commitment to permanently darken my hair! But I find the smell a little strong and weird. It would be perfect if the fragrance was more subtle or inexistant.

by Halisilver
Fabulous product
Location: Halifax, NS
Age: 46-65

Silverlining: Product works fabulously for toning silver hair to eliminate brassy elements, and to blend an even tone of silver. Just a glob of the mousse works like magic!

by lovelylocks
Love, love, love
Location: New York, New York
Age: 36-45

A life saver between salon trips! I cannot bear to see any silver in my hair, ever, so always use the plush brown shade in the days before my salon visit. I color my hair every 3 weeks, am very conscious of my appearance and like to look groomed and glamorous at all times! This product works great

by Meghan
Works great!
Location: Joplin, MO
Age: 26-35

I've been trying very hard to achieve a natural light blonde color and I couldn't do it without this. The sweet cream color tones my brass and creates a beautiful cool blonde that's natural and not overly ashy. Plus the foam doesn't weigh down my hair, so definitely my new favorite product!

by Gloria
This is great stuff
Location: Pearland, Texas
Age: 65+

I have used Roux Rinse for many years and it has never failed me ❤

by sloopy
I love this product!
Location: Gainesville, GA
Age: 65+

I've used this product since the 1960's and it is great, covers grey & easy to use and washes out with the next shampoo. I recommend it highly.

by Jane
Easy and Chemical Free
Location: Toronto Canada
Age: 46-65

I am dark blonde with a few white sections near my face. I don't want the maintenance or risk of chemical based dyes and I don't ever want to see roots so I use the Mouse to cover up the white sections each time I wash my hair. It takes less than a minute to apply and I am 100% in control.

by Adrienne
Deposits well
Location: Austin, TX
Age: 18-25

The Fire Red deposits color perfectly, you could even use it as a 'temporary' color on neutral hair. I used it on my brown hair and got a beautiful vibrant dark red, given my hair is a darker shade. I miss the burgundy color , it was the perfect color for me.